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NOTE: If you are susceptible to motion sickness, proceed with caution! It is possible to play this game comfortably, but we recommend keeping your spyglass eye closed (or wearing an eyepatch!)

"Eye, Eye, Cap'n!" is our core team's 2nd VR game, a sort of follow-up to last year's Shreddin' Metal. You play a pirate who has just hit Pirate Puberty, and has to launch their eyeball through assorted hoops.

The game has only been tested and confirmed to work on HTC Vive. We have added some miscellaneous input support, so it may work with Oculus Rift through SteamVR, but we offer no guarantees! 


Colin McInerney - Design, code, script writing, booze expert

Aislynn Kilgore - 3D art, 2D art, animations, plunderer of puns

Lars Olson - 3D art, 2D art, animations, kraken wrangler

Jess Pate - 3D art, shipwright

Matt Chapman - Voice of Cap'n Capman, least likely to walk the plank

Sam Newmark - Sound effects, music, most ethereal

Full playthrough here: 


EyeEyeCapn.zip 36 MB

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